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Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
boehner responded that reid should "talk less and legislate more." the biggest divide continues to be taxes. democrats want to extend the bush-era tax cuts to everyone except those americans making 250- thousand dollars or more a year. many republicans remain against any tax increases. >> rep. steven latourette (ohio): nobody is willing to pull the trigger. everybody wants to play the blame game. this blame game is about to put us over the edge. >> some say a scenario that could play out is allowing tax increases to take effect on january 1st. then on the 3rd when the new congress is sworn in, lawmakers can vote to cut taxes. >> grant: joining us now, our poltical analyst micahel yaki. to you think that it is a feasible scenario? >> i think that it is pretty likely we have a speaker of the house right now... >> grant: what do think that means for the people's taxes? worker their retroactively put those in place? >> the payroll taxes will be given oa and gone there will beo op-first. however, the markets are going to think that by the first of january they might not go on this roller c
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
boehner, for failing to deliver on a promise to send aid to storm victims. >> speaker boehner is the one. he walked off the floor. he refused to tell us why. >>> the verbal blasts followed by a closed door meeting on capitol hill. and a dramatic the storm clouds are clearing. 60=billion dollars of aid should be on its way within weeks. kron four's grant lodes shows us how the republican party nearly became the victim of a natural disaster. >> "the yeas are 257 the nays are 167. the motion is adopted." >> reporter: this is how it was supposed to happen. right after the final vote on the fiscal cliff, the house was supposed to approve an aid bill for sandy's victims. instead, house speaker john boehner simply walked out of the chamber. >> i was told that the authority was told by john boehner. >> he did not tell us why. >> he yelled at congressman lobiondo saying i'm not he wouldn't tell us why. he decided to sneak off in the explanation. i was called at 11:20 last night by leader cantor and told that >> reporter: in october, new jersey governor christie angered other republicans by th
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
leader mitch mcconnel are working on a deal. he meet with them along with house speaker john boehner and house democratic leader nancy the white house for about an hour today. he said the meeting was good and constructive. but expressed his frustration for the american people with waiting until stories... >> america wonders why you cannot get things done in this town in an organized timetable. why does everything have to wait until the last minute? now, we are at the last minute. the american people are not going to have many patients for a self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30 we'll have more from the president. and our political analyst michael yaki will give us his take on today's developments. >> catherine: there's rain on the way this holiday weekend. this is a live look from our camera on mount tam. and a look at downtown san francisco. i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline bennet -- where is the wet weather? >> jacqueline: we are still getting some return on the radar but it is still too dry for the rain to hit the ground. it will b
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
are the house or congress going to do. what is john boehner going to do? is he going to bring it up for a vote to. >> their total of all these terrible things. with taxes going up for the middle class. basically, we've kicked off down the road. and what type of reductions have we have. there will not be a market shot however, there is going to be a couple of things happening. there will be debt ceiling and in fact the government could run out but better news than the we have before. what will john boehner do? will the have the votes nancy pelosi is going to march in the troops and get it through. if something that is something that mitch mcconnell suggested there could be also a different outcome. >> were going to be the winners and losers? >> obama, special interest, the american people everyone, overall is going to be a winner. the big loser is two months down the road what are we going to do. >> there is a lot of finger- pointing going on. you could say what is hobbling the ointment. >> i would say that congress. and they have had nearly two days in the have not had this done. he
Jan 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
boehner their contract was not very but i think that people are going to forget about this and a couple of days. everything will go back to normal and the fight will begin in two months. >> catherine: thank you,if you'd like to connect with michael -- you can follow him on twitter. his handle is "at-yaki- blog." california is getting a lot of new laws. with the new year - of new laws. kron four's philippe djegal highlights a few of them. >> reporter: more than 800 new laws are set to take affect at the start of the year. that's right - 800. i scanned through what here's what the governor made law and what you should know. assemblywoman joan buchanan's bill regarding metal purchases passed. the fine for dealers who knowingly buy metals used at public utlities facilities jumps up big time. now 250-dollars. in a few days. four times that amount. to one thousand dollars. >>> another bill out of the gives women greater access to birth control. a-b 23-48 will now allow certified nurses, midwives, nurse practicioners and physician's assistants to prescribe that medication. >>> and, driv
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5